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Dave Whitlock at the Fly Fishing Show

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 11:32 -- jmaslar

When at the Fly Fishing Show in Winston Salem, NC, last Saturday we had many fascinating experiences. The first one that I can relate to you is about the well known Dave Whitlock. In fact we had the fortunate experience of watching Dave Whitlock tie a fly.  Dave was smooth and graceful as he tied the fly and in between, he signed some of his artwork for the lucky visitors. He drew such a crowd that it was difficult to get a good picture but we tried to show his entire booth.


Dave grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma in a small town named Muskogee. His first experience of fishing was in a small lake created when the WPA constructed a dam across Greenleaf Creek. It is there where he first fell in love with canoes and most importantly the art of fly fishing.

However, Dave spent most of his fly fishing in the Ozarks where he lived most of his adult life. Now, once again Dave has moved back to his beloved Oklahoma. You can read his story at "Learn about Dave and Emily". I personally view Dave as the grand daddy of modern fly fishing. Dave Whitlock has written several books on the subject and dozens of magazine articles. In his web site where you can read about his life and purchase his books, pictures, mugs and more. By the way here is one of Dave's tips. "If ice builds up in your guides, apply a generous coat of fly floatant paste to your line, this will prevent that ice formation."


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