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Trout Fishing In Hawaii?

Thu, 01/08/2009 - 06:51 -- smaslar

I was shocked today, while searching the internet, to find out that there is trout fishing in Hawaii.  How come no one ever told me?  Yes, even the tropical state of Hawaii offers some rainbow trout fishing.  The first rainbow trout delivered to Hawaii were in 1920.  The Hawaii state record is a 5lb, 9 oz rainbow trout.  Can you say "Aloha"?  For more (but not much more) information, see the links below.

Hawaii Trout Fishing

Hawaii Fly Fishing

State of Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources Information

Fly Fishing The Koaie

Hawaii Trout Stream Picture


Submitted by Anonymous on

It looks like The DLNR has decided to end the stocking of trout in Hawaii. If this is the case, there will only be a few years of fishable trout in Hawaii.

Submitted by jmaslar on

That is very interesting, but I am curious as to how you learned that?

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